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    June 28, 2017 at 3:05 pm #20257

    1. The old version of Visual Composer doesn’t seem to work. I am running WP 4.8 & you cannot do anything with VC, this also includes your own VC modules. I have VC 5.1.1 from another theme which I installed, a more newer version but your VC modules won’t load their settings.

    2. I have had to manually modify the site for WooCommerce as you don’t provide support. I followed instructions from the Woo site to do so. It isn’t perfect but seems to work. I am running the Pro version of Tickera which is why we need it to checkout via WooCommerce & sell other products – any plans to integrate it properly?

    3. Is there any plan to make the theme more flexible with other headers & styling options? I am currently having to override most styles with custom code in a child theme I made. The idea of the theme is great but could do with being a bit more user-friendly & integrate better with Tickera (the reason we bought this theme to work with Tickera & your maps)

    4. Also, the plugin codestyle localization is no longer available & looking on forums it hasn’t been for a while. I created a child theme for some custom styling & functions & need to modify some of the text strings from the parent theme – can you provide instructions on how to do this & also update your documentation? Thanks again.

    5. When the event counts down to 0 & the event has passed how can we make it not go in to negative figures like on your demo but instead say ‘expired’ or something similar? See point 6 below regarding custom notifications/stickers on the single event page & over the event info blocks image.

    6. If an event is cancelled there needs to be a way to post on it that it is no longer available either. A good feature to implement would be to be able to add custom ‘stickers’ or notices to the events post type. Maybe if the event is cancelled instead of the countdown timer it is replaced with some text?

    7. When adding a widget to the footer ‘custom menu’ I get this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/sites/u/ on line 1825 & 1831

    Thanks for your help!

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