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    Alex Ursu
    July 20, 2016 at 1:25 pm #17235

    In the past we have made some updates to how the filtering works on WPJobus and I am working on an even better implementation at the time that I am writing this post.

    This post will cast some light on the subject of Filtering Issues, and hopefully save you a good amount of time.

    Symptoms: Once you open Resumes/Jobs/Companies page you see the list of posts, but once you apply a filter there is no post found. Once you search for certain criteria you don’t find any results.

    When you first open a page the code is set to load every post of the indicated type (Job/Resume/Company) that is why it appears fine at first. Once you apply a filter(or even reset filters) there is code running in the background that is trying to fetch only the posts that are “valid”. A “valid” post is one that corresponds to all the constraints imposed by the filters.
    And regarding the search function – it is basically the same as an indirect filter.

    I will take Job Filtering as an example, but from this example you will be able to deduce the behavior of Resumes and Companies.

    The Default Job Filtering has the following Filters:
    1. Career Level – with options like Junior/Middle/Senior etc. (Default is *ALL)
    2. Presence – with options like Remote/Office/Travel etc. (Default is *ALL)
    3. Experience – where the value is a number from 1 to the max (Default is half of max)
    4. Salary – where the value is a range between two numbers (Default is NONE)
    5. Job Types – with options like Full-Time/Part-time etc. (Default is *ALL)
    6. Locations – with options like London/San Francisco/Athens/Dubai etc. (Default is *ALL)

    All the options can be manually set in the WPJobus Options from the Dashboard.

    *A little explanation on what “*ALL” means . This is probably the most misunderstood filter. If the option to say Career Level is set to all it means that the theme will look for jobs that have either Junior/Middle or Senior in their Career Level field. It won’t disregard the field altogether.

    Why is this important? Take the following example:

    You manually set your Career Level Options to be Unexperienced/Junior/Middle/Senior and after that you create a Job that has the value “Unexperienced” the “Career Level” field. Some time passes and you choose to get rid of the option “Unexperienced” from the Career Level field. Now when you will filter using the *ALL value the filter will not find the job with “Unexperienced” value in the “Career Level” field since *ALL will iterate only through the valid options it knows which are Junior/Middle/Senior.

    This is the problem with 9 out of 10 tickets related to filtering issues. People import the posts and the options from the demo for testing purposes, then they create some jobs (with the default options), then they proceed to change the options in the dashboard, so naturally the filters will not find the previous created jobs since they have values in some fields which are no longer valid. While the procedure should take a different route :

    Import Demo -> Test Demo -> Change Options -> Create Posts.


    Make sure that all of your Jobs/Resumes/Companies that aren’t showing through filtering have valid options in all of their fields. To do that open a Job/Resume/Company from the front-end and see if all the values that are there can be found in the WPJobus Options in the Dashboard or on the filtering page.

    Also we understand that the way the *ALL filter works at the moment is a bit counterintuitive and I am working on a new implementation on filters that will solve this issue altogether. But for your own posts’s consistency make sure that everything has appropriate values for your fields.

    I hope this post will save you some time and frustration.
    Ursu Alex
    ThemesDojo Support

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