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    September 18, 2016 at 1:36 am #18021

    I didn’t have an account at Behance and so tried to create a new project page. I could find no button for adding to the front page projects, but read you were working on that. I added the API information you listed in that thread and the page I had created showed up in projects. However, I am not sure what I should see once I add it to the front page.

    I deleted the projects that were imported when I added the API. I had, in the meantime, created an account at Behance and was trying to see how to add the work I put up on Behance, but don’t understand what to do.

    The information in the documentation on the API indicates needing LibCurl. This gets more and more complicated for me since I really have no good site experience with any of this. Do you have any more documentation or urls for things I will need to know?

    Also, does this package do all that I see in the demo or are there things in the demo, like the logo redraws, the pages that slide as you scroll, that require other things? The more I delve into this, the less I am sure. I’m sure I’ll still be pleased with everything once I get it set up. If I could just know what more I need if I want it more like the demo, that would be great.


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