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    March 20, 2017 at 4:24 pm #19466


    I requested a refund of my 5 licenses because the poor state of the theme and the support. It was declined. ‘We have answered all the questions regarding Fubix. How may we help you?’ is the reason. To be honest, it is an infuriating response. No not all questions are answered. Of the last four topics, only one is actually resolved. And that is beccause I figured that one out myself. The oldest topic is over two weeks old! I even send an email to the adress often mentioned in other topics, but nothing. I’m sorry, but I’m so done.

    I also want a refund because the theme is not responsive as I mentioned before in the forum, I can not deliver a website based on your theme. Elements aren’t working properly. One of your accordion elements doesn’t behave properly, and also the blog element doesn’t. And probably a lot more that I haven’t used. All of these thing wouldn’t be a huge problem if I would feel that questions are actually answered and looked into. I haven’t even posted most of them because I’m still waiting on solutions to my other problems.

    I’m not interested in solving all the individual problems at the moment, as i have spend a whole day changing to another theme, I just want them refunded.

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